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Why You Should Build Your Next PC

My first computer was an Apple II. It was monochrome and glorious!

I’m relatively young – 35 years young, to be exact, but I’ve been in computers for over ten years now. My first computer was an Apple II, complete with floppy disks that actually flopped, a monochrome display and a game called Hardball!. It was glorious, gloriously terrible by today’s standards, but back then, it was great! To follow that up, I went “IBM/PC compatible” when my mom’s co-worker decided to sell her a computer. It came complete with a tower tall enough to be a part of any major city’s skyline and a turbo button! I have no idea who made that beast, but it was awesome. It introduced me to the glories of the internet through this company known for their compact disk distribution business – AOL.   And the last computer I bought was a Gateway 2000 – back in 1999, but I’m still not certain why they felt the need to put cow patterns on their boxes.

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Product Review Summary – Eleven Hundred Edition

We hope that all of you in the U.S. had a great Thanksgiving last week. I know that we had plenty to be thankful for here including the great reviews that the Eleven Hundred has been getting. If you’re not familiar with the Eleven Hundred, check out our product launch blog post here.

For those of you who are familiar with the Eleven Hundred and are wondering if it’s worthy of your hard-earned money, I’ve taken the time to scour the internet for expert reviews on our newest case so you can continue in your leisurely ways.

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Antec Product Review Summary: P280 Edition!

What a week! We’ve been waiting for this for some time now, since we started talking about the Performance One Series P280 chassis during Computex. We were confident we had a great product on our hands, but we couldn’t have anticipated the critical acclaim that we’ve been fortunate enough to receive thus far.

Let’s start with an unboxing video of the P280, shall we? Linus Tech Tips up in Canada did a very thorough unboxing video so you know what to expect when you get yours.

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Make the SOLO II Yours

The Sonata Series SOLO II mid-tower chassis embodies everything that the Sonata series is about – elegance and Quiet Computing­™ – without sacrificing features for the enthusiast.

We also think that the SOLO II can make for an impressive “blank canvas” for those who are looking for a case to modify. Have a look at what our friends at Puget Systems did with a sample of the SOLO II we sent them.

So, how will you make the SOLO II yours?


The Antec Garage Sale – Updated

Last week, we announced we’d be having a “garage” sale of sorts. We’ll be selling a bunch of new and B-stock items directly from our warehouse here in Fremont, CA.

What we didn’t have at the time were pricing details. Now we do. Check it out!

Lanboy Air Yellow or Blue – $77
Sonata 4 – 65
DF-30 – 51
DF-35 – 43.50
DF-85 – 69
Six Hundred V2 – 36
Micro Fusiion Remote 350 – 79.50
Nine Hundred – 45.50
Nine Hundred Two – 51
NP 65 Power Adaptor – 7.50
SNP90 Power Adaptor – 19
Veris EZ – 6.80
Veris Basic – 9.80
Veris Elite – 24.60
Veris Premier – 28.80
Notebook Cooler 200 – 25
Notebook Cooler Designer – 10
Notebook Cooler Basic – 2
Notebook Cooler Mini – 5
V Cool – 4
Solution Plus CPU Cooler – 2
Antec Silver Thermal Grease – .50
MX-1 – 20
MX-100 – 5
P183 – 60
soundscience rockus speakers – $109

Brand spankin’ new
Notebook Cooler to-go – $20
VSK1000 – 40
Veris E-Z – 13
KUHLER H2O 620 – 55
Six Hundred V2 – 70
LanBoard – 20

Supplies are limited but we’re looking to add more product to the list. We’re able to take cash and credit card (Visa, MC, AmEx). We’d love to see you here!


The Antec Garage Sale – August 20th, 2011

When you think garage sale, what do you think of? Used clothes and toys? Maybe some old electronics or VHS tapes? Sure, if you visit enough of them, you might find something you really want but it always seems like a lot of work just for a chance.

Enter the Antec Garage Sale.

Saturday, August 20th, from 10AM-4PM, at our company headquarters in Fremont, California, we’ll be hosting an event where you’ll be able to buy refurbished and incomplete goods at heavily discounted prices. How discounted? How about 30-50% off? I know, you’re thinking, “oh, great Jessie, you’re trying to pawn off all of your stuff that doesn’t work on us!” That’s not the case at all. When there are products that come back to us and they’re no longer in a condition to where we can sell it as “new,” it becomes B-stock. Most of this is damaged packaging that’s been opened. Some may have a blemish or a scratch, but certainly not “broken.”

We’ll not only have B-stock items available, we’ll also have brand new products here at discounted prices as well. We’re talking about products like the KUHLER H2O 620 and the Dark Fleet DF-35 chassis, among others.

It’s not just about selling for us though. We’ll have our product and support teams on hand to answer questions and give you tutorials on our products. Not sure how to install the KUHLER H2O products? We’ll gladly show you!

So, what else will we be selling? Notebook and CPU coolers, a wide range of cases and multimedia accessories, unique products like the LanBoard and more. And everyone who comes down to visit us gets a free gift!

To see a sample of available products and pricing, click here.

Again, we’ll be at 47900 Fremont Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538 on August 20, 2011 from 10AM until 4PM. We’ll accept Visa, Mastercard and Amexican Express. Your cash is also welcome. No checks please.

Visit our Facebook page as we’ll be updating that with more information as it becomes available.


KUHLER H2O Series Review Round-up

Are you *still* on the fence about the KUHLER H2O series of CPU coolers? Still uncertain about the performance benefit that the KUHLER H2O 620 and KUHLER H2O 920 can offer? Lets see what the reviews say, shall we?

At Newegg, the KUHLER H2O 620 has a five egg rating with over thirty reviews. This means a lot to us as this is coming from you – customers who have paid good money for our product. This tells us that we’re doing it right. Here’s what one of the reviews had to say:

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Take the soundscience™ rockus 60 Day Challenge

soundscience rockusWhat brands come to mind when you’re thinking of desktop speakers? Creative®? Logitech®? Klipsch®?

How about when you’re considering home theater speakers? Sony®? Bose®? Yamaha®?

We launched the soundscience brand late last year and our first product under this new brand was the soundscience rockus 3D|2.1 speakers. We know what most people thought – “what does Antec know about speakers?” We went into this a bit with a blog post but ultimately what it comes down to is that the innovation, design and reliability we put into our power supplies and cases actually translates well to the business of  creating a powerful and efficient amplifier and a unique speaker design. We’ve created a 2.1 speaker system that will melt your face while you play your favorite game, bend your mind in the latest movies and soothe your soul while you listen to your music collection.

The Antec Rockus 3D SoundScience 2.1 Speaker System is an incredible entry into the audio market. The speakers are stylish and the system as a whole sounds amazing. –

Still not convinced? We understand.

We’re offering you a risk-free way of trying the rockus speakers for yourself - take the soundscience rockus 60 day challenge.

Here’s how it works: buy a soundscience rockus 3D|2.1 speaker system from our friends at Newegg, Fry’s, Amazon or from our very own Antec store, and if you don’t think they’re a great quality speaker set at an awesome price, return them within 60 days to us for a full refund. No joke.

Terms, conditions and obligatory legalese can be found on this page.


Antec Week in Review – April 14, 2011

Wow, it’s been a crazy week. We’ve got product launches and reviews to discuss!

We started off the week with a review of the High Current Gamer HCG-750 PSU over at Anandtech where they found it to have good performance and value:

Anandtech Logo“This PSU seems to be good for gamers with overclocked PCs and one or two high-end GPUs, who may not care to spend the extra $50 to reach the next echelon of features, quality, and performance. The HCG-750 uses Japanese capacitors from Rubycon and Nippon Chemi-Con, there’s a lot of space for cooling and airflow, and the result is reasonably quiet operation at most loads.”

Next, we launched the KÜHLER H2O Maximum Performance CPU cooler. It’s already got a handful of reviews (here, here and here). If you don’t feel like reading all of them, have a look at this tidbit from Shane at Legit Reviews.

Editor's Choice“The Antec Kuhler H2O 920 on the extreme setting out performed the Corsair Hydro H70 at every clock frequency that we ran the Intel Core i7 LGA1366 processor at. In the silent mode the Antec Kuhler H2O 920 ran slightly warmer than the Corsair Hydro H70, but it was significantly quieter.”

The KUHLER H2O 920 High Performance CPU cooler will be available very soon from your favorite brick and mortar or online retailer. Don’t feel like waiting? Order it from us.

Finally, High Tech Legion had a look at our latest chassis, the One Hundred. We feel that great cooling performance and features don’t always have to cost you and arm or a leg. They seem to agree.

High Tech Legion review of Antec One Hundred“The Antec One Hundred kept the system temperatures within optimal working levels when the fans were set at the very quiet ‘default’ fan speed setting and lowered the temperatures even further when the fans were set to ‘high’.”

That’s it for me this week. Post below if you have any feedback or find us on Facebook!


Introducing the KUHLER H2O 920 CPU Cooler


The KÜHLER H2O 920

Three months ago, at CES, we introduced the KUHLER H2O 620 CPU cooler. In that time, it’s received numerous awards, accolades and even a “Kick Ass!” The 620 is a great solution for those looking for a solid upgrade for their CPU cooler at a reasonable price. But we didn’t want to stop there. We wanted to take CPU cooling to the next level.

The KUHLER H2O 920 is the CPU cooling equivalent of a level 100 Warlock with tiger blood coursing through its veins – but more reliable. It features a radiator 80% thicker than the radiator featured on the 620, cooled by two 120mm PWM fans in a push-pull configuration. You can control and monitor its performance easily using the included software to run it in silent, performance or custom mode, and even change the color of the LED to match your interior. Face melting performance when you need it, Quiet Computing™ when you don’t.

Our friends at Asetek put together a video demonstrating the overclocking potential you can unleash from your CPU with the KUHLER H2O 920 installed. Have a look.

The KÜHLER H2O CPU cooler is available for pre-order on the Antec store for $119.95.