Antec Product Review Summary: P280 Edition!

What a week! We’ve been waiting for this for some time now, since we started talking about the Performance One Series P280 chassis during Computex. We were confident we had a great product on our hands, but we couldn’t have anticipated the critical acclaim that we’ve been fortunate enough to receive thus far.

Let’s start with an unboxing video of the P280, shall we? Linus Tech Tips up in Canada did a very thorough unboxing video so you know what to expect when you get yours.

Legit RecommendedNext up is Shane’s review at Legit Reviews, where we won their Recommended Award.  Here’s the “Legit Bottom Line” as they call it..

“Antec set out to update the Performance One series based on customer feedback, but keep the style that is the Performance One series. They did just that, and released a nice case in the process.”

Tweak Town Best Value

Now we’re off to a good start. Next up is the Tweak Town review where we won their “Must Have, Best Value” award!

“The possibilities and features in this chassis are just something that I have yet to see all in one package, and for those that offer close to what the Antec P280 brings, they typically are more expensive.”

Wonder what the P280 will look like with a kick-ass Sandy Bridge-E system installed into it? Wonder no more. Thanks to Maximum PC for this one!

Sandy Bridge-E with P280

Last, but not least, is a video review from Rodney Reynolds of 3D Game Man where we received his “KICKASS PRODUCT” award!

The P280 is available right now at the Antec store and will be available at your favorite tech stores very soon. If you have any questions about the P280, don’t be afraid to comment below!


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  1. Bob Toler

    Plan on buying this case for my next build as soon as Microsoft comes out with a new OS.

  2. Greg H. Stanley

    Been a builder for over 15 years. Just got the P280 from Antec’s online store. What a case! It’s perfect! When I finish this build for the family, I’m gonna get another one just for me in my “man cave” for photo editing. Very classy…very executive-office looking and with front-end USB 3.0 headers and motherboard connections, what more do you want?

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