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This week’s review roundup, I’ll be focusing on reviews of HCP-1300 Platinum. Since the HCP-1300 Platinum reveal back in 2012, a lot of reviewers wanted to get their hands on this baby and check out the OC-Link feature.



JonnyGuru had set their eyes on our new HCP-1300 Platinum. Testing included both “cold testing” and “hot testing” the PSU, to top it off, sliced it open to see if there’s any funny business going on inside.


As expected, the HCP-1300 Platinum performed very well, here’s what they had to say…

“Antec’s HCP-1300 Platinum came just about as close to nailing a perfect total score as anything else I have ever tested. Thanks to Delta’s legendary build quality, this beast is big, powerful, and as stable as one of those big barn things you put horses into. Competition? Only from the Enermax Platimax/Revolution platform. About the only other companies I can think of that might be able to match this unit would be Superflower with their Leadex platform or Seasonic. You’re doing pretty well when you’re not only keeping up with those two but beating them at their own game.”

The Good:

  • better than excellent voltage stability
  • excellent ripple suppression
  • amazing build quality
  • OC Link for all you crypto miners out there
  • fully modular

The Bad:

  • can’t put mine back together until I order some thermal adhesive

The Mediocre:

  • so awesome it’s out of stock almost everywhere

Recommended Award


Our PSU almost scored a perfect score! The verdict being 9.9 out of 10, the PSU earned the recommended award.





HardOCP also took our pushed our HCP-1300 Platinum to its limit.



Here’s what they’ve concluded…

“The Bottom Line

The Antec HCP-1300 Platinum is the third High Current Pro Platinum power supply we have reviewed and, today, it is really the definitive product in that line. To start things off with, the build quality continues to be simply second to none and it has 7 year warranty from Antec. After that, our test results read like a list of “class leading,” “at the top of its class,” “the best we have seen to date,” “outstanding,” etc. Superlatives after a point do just get boring. If one must pry further, I would have to say this unit is probably “the it” 1300W-1350W product on the market currently and with the numbers it put up it may well be for some time going forward as, even if a product can do better in one field, this unit was at the top of the list in all of our fields. Perhaps the one area that this unit could improve in (well it could technically improve everywhere but it is in the lead currently) is the noise output as it is not silent yet. That said, it is a 1300W power supply and approximately 0% of people should be surprised that at full load it makes some noise. So, that brings us to how much this power supply will set you back. Hold on to your seats boys and girls, today this product (when you can find it in stock) is going for $303.77 which is cheaper than many of the competing products we have seen in its class. So, not only is this unit the best performing and the best built unit; it is actually a good value on top of that! That makes this unit one of the easiest buy recommendations we have seen among power supplies, maybe ever.”Goldawardpassaward

After some very precise testing, yet again the HCP-1300 Platinum performed exceptionally earning the “Editor’s choice award / Enthusiast Gold Award” and passing Paul’s tests effortlessly.



Last review on our short list is from Techpower, they were so impressed with the performance and quality of the PSU that again, The HCP-1300 Platinum almost scored a perfect score (9.5 out of 10).

“Antec’s and Delta’s cooperation once more produced an excellent product capable of delivering mind-blowing performance. The HCP-1300 is without any doubt one of the most expensive PSUs on the market today, but I assure you that it is worth its high price since Delta put all of its experience into it, and the components they used are nothing less but topnotch, with Japanese caps and high quality mosfets and bridge rectifiers everywhere. Even the cooling fan is provided by Delta as the company also has a great tradition in that area, and while their fans are legendary for their high noise levels, they are also known for their extremely good performance and incredible reliability. With excellent performance in all areas and high efficiency throughout most of its operational range, the HCP-1300 is, generally speaking, one of the best PSUs money can buy today. The facts that it is fully modular, comes equipped with a very efficient 5VSB rail, which should in my opinion be a little stronger, and sports the OC Link feature, which allows you to easily connect two HCP-1300s in parallel if one isn’t enough for you, are some additional advantages definitely worth mentioning. The only downsides I was able to spot were the high nominal voltage on the +12V rail, which, however, some, especially the overclockers, prefer, and the hold-up time below 16ms. Neither downside is critical, including its hold-up time; I doubt many users out there will successfully push this unit to its utmost limit and the HCP-1300 will easily hit 16ms with anything less than its full load.

Antec continues the HCP legacy with a new top-of-the-line product that offers something completely different to the boring, but highly capable competition. Its price is over the top, but I think the HCP-1300 fully justifies its high price tag with its exceptional performance and high power output, especially given the high quality components it uses. If you are building an incredibly strong mining ring and need one of the best and strongest PSUs money can buy today, you must definitely take a good look at this one. Two of these units can power up to eight AMD R9 290X GPUs, which would net you 8 MH/s when mining!”


Editor’s Choice

Yet again, the HCP-1300 Platinum performed at a very high level and added another notch under it’s belt with the “Editor’s Choice Award” over at TechPowerUp 

So after numerous precise testings, tinkering and pushing the PSU to it’s limits, the HCP-1300 Platinum have proven again and again that it deserves to be on top. But you don’t have to take my word for it, its track record speaks for itself.

Full Reviews Here: JonnyGURU HardOCP TechPowerUp


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