X-1 Cooler



Whether you’re using it for video games or as part of a media center power house, the Xbox One can certainly deliver. There are plenty of reasons to love the Xbox one. It’s a truly next-gen system with hi-definition visuals. But it’s not all sunshine and roses. Certainly, the Xbox One has its shortcomings as well. The most noticeable, one you’d be most likely hear from number of users, is how loud it can potentially get.  The fan hits higher rpms to dissipate heat as much possible, because the Xbox one will generate more heat during heavy loads of operation or during an extended time of play. Overheating is one of the biggest concerns whether it be for PC or Console gaming.


The X-1 Cooler is specifically made to complement your Xbox one. We used the same technology from our PC hardware into this product. Antec is known to manufacture various hardware parts, but notably excels when it comes to Quiet Computing. The powerful fluid dynamic bearing cooling fan efficiently and quietly draws hot air away from your console, directing it to the rear exhaust vent. This in turn promotes better airflow even in cramped entertainment centers. And you don’t really want a loud Xbox one during your 8+ hours Breaking Bad binge on Netflix over the weekend do you? It will also allow you to wait until your significant other or parents is/are asleep to sneak downstairs and get in a few rounds of CoD without getting in trouble.


So how will the X-1 benefit you? The X-1 Cooler is tested to reduce console temperature by 30%. Also features a pass through USB so you don’t have to worry about losing a slot. The non-skid top platform will allow you to rest your controller or any other accessory right on top of your Xbox one without worrying about covering the top exhaust fan. I have heard some people play as much as 7+ hours of game time a day and this Xbox cooler will definitely help prevent overheating and may even lengthen your console’s lifespan. Also, if you are planning to stream (or already a streamer on Twitch), streaming requires you to play countless hours in a day and will surely strain the console at some point in time. You don’t want your frame rates to be dropping in the middle of a gun fight do you? So focus on your K/D ratio and don’t worry about your system overheating or dropping frame rates from slowing down your games.The X-1 got you covered.


Planning a DIY project? Thinking of dismantling your Xbox One and changing the fan yourself? Well don’t! It’s just too risky and you might unintentionally damage your Xbox. It’ll also be tricky and will for sure void your warranty. This is a better and smarter option for the time and effort you’ll spend “modding” your Xbox. So if you worry about your Xbox One fan waking the neighbors or just want to get the maximum performance out of your console, then check out this X-1 Cooler, it will definitely help reduce your console noise problem and reach its maximum potential.


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