What cause HDD and SSD Shortages?

By Rae on May, 12 2021


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What is Chia?

Chia Network Inc. (“Chia"), a new energy efficient decentralized blockchain created by Bram Cohen (the inventor of BitTorrent), today launches its revolutionary digital currency, chia. The green digital currency, chia (as “XCH”), is expected to gain widespread digital exchange listing, and rapid worldwide adoption in the financial, corporate, commercial, and governmental sectors. Founded in 2017 in the U.S. with a global workforce, Chia Network’s protocol seeks to become an alternative to traditional financial networks. It strives to provide a secure, energy-efficient network for modern finance and payments.

Chia's mining process is not just a large-capacity hard drive. The official said that there are two parts that are indispensable:
1. Make a plot file (also called P chart, officially translated as cultivated land)
2. Mining (the official translation is farming).
For Chia, the mining step is actually a very easy act. The important thing is capacity, not speed, and even the mining host is so low that there are almost no requirements.

|n short, Chia's mining process is like lottery drawing. Miners involved in mining should prepare a file called plot in advance and then wait for the broadcast of the next block. The content in these files and the content in the broadcast are all hash values ​​(Hash Function). Which lucky person's Hash Function is the closest to the one in the broadcast? Congratulations, he won the prize and won XCH tokens!

Tools needed
-CPU: Of course the bigger the core, the better
-At least 16G or more SSD
-Simultaneous storage space (SSD): at least 300G, Nvme is the best
-Motherboard: the more SATA, the better

Of course, under the demand of so much hard disk space (generally 4-8 hard disks in general farm settings), we recommend that you use a standard mid-tower case for the chassis. There are many good cases below that can hold a large number of hard drives. You can also combine it with a basic plotter to become a very simple setup.

Therefore, we recommend that users use the following enclosures to allow you to dig well:

Antec P101 ultra-quiet chassis
large hard disk space: up to accommodate 8 HHD + 2 SSD
included four fan, heat dissipation solve all your problems!

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