Take the soundscience™ rockus 60 Day Challenge

soundscience rockusWhat brands come to mind when you’re thinking of desktop speakers? Creative®? Logitech®? Klipsch®?

How about when you’re considering home theater speakers? Sony®? Bose®? Yamaha®?

We launched the soundscience brand late last year and our first product under this new brand was the soundscience rockus 3D|2.1 speakers. We know what most people thought – “what does Antec know about speakers?” We went into this a bit with a blog post but ultimately what it comes down to is that the innovation, design and reliability we put into our power supplies and cases actually translates well to the business of  creating a powerful and efficient amplifier and a unique speaker design. We’ve created a 2.1 speaker system that will melt your face while you play your favorite game, bend your mind in the latest movies and soothe your soul while you listen to your music collection.

The Antec Rockus 3D SoundScience 2.1 Speaker System is an incredible entry into the audio market. The speakers are stylish and the system as a whole sounds amazing. –

Still not convinced? We understand.

We’re offering you a risk-free way of trying the rockus speakers for yourself - take the soundscience rockus 60 day challenge.

Here’s how it works: buy a soundscience rockus 3D|2.1 speaker system from our friends at Newegg, Fry’s, Amazon or from our very own Antec store, and if you don’t think they’re a great quality speaker set at an awesome price, return them within 60 days to us for a full refund. No joke.

Terms, conditions and obligatory legalese can be found on this page.


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