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soundscience™: Antec Does Audio

Antec has a long history in the PC components market.  We’ve been making cases, power supplies and more for 25 years.  Every new product is a challenge, every launch is unique in its own way – but this is different.  With the introduction of our audio brand soundscience, and our rockus™ 3D | 2.1 speaker system, we are in exciting new territory.

rockus SatelliteThere’s no secret to making a speaker or amplifier.  Anyone can do it – and they do.  What separates great sounding speakers from run-of-the-mill ones is investing the time to get it right.  After two years of evolving prototypes, constant fine-tuning, and hundreds of hours listening, we have arrived. I’m going to go out on a limb here and tell you that anyone who says there’s a magic equation for great sound doesn’t know what they’re talking about – it’s a continuous process of tuning, listening, and tuning again.  There’s just no substitute for the human ear. All the classic audio gear, that stuff you see in the background at Abbey Road in the 60s and the hi-fi amplifiers of yore with huge tubes, has quirks and eccentricities.  That’s what makes them classics, and it takes time to create a classic.

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